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Kassia Nova


The Company

Ephatha Bio USA (est. 1997) is dedicated to the research and development of unique, health product concepts to enhance the quality of life. Its first product, Kassia Nova, a natural, ingestible, body and breath deodorizing/freshening tablet, was launched in Los Angeles California, in the year 2000. Kassia Nova experienced phenomenal success in California, then expanded its reach to the mainland U.S. at pharmacies and health food stores, gift shops in LA. Sales and distribution within the United States are managed by its subsidiary company Ephatha Bio USA and foreign markets have been expanded to Korea, Japan, China and the South East Asias. As the global markets for nutraceutical, personal hygiene products continue to grow, Ephatha Bio USA and its subsidiaries remain committed to expanding their line of quality products to enhance people’s lives.


In order to create a product that will eliminate body odor and bad breath, the first thing We set as a standard was to use only natural ingredients and no chemicals. Therefore, we can guarantee that everything involved in the manufacturing of Kassia Nova is natural. We take great pride in the quality of our product, and our primary goal is your complete satisfaction.

How It works

Unlike regular breath mints, Kassia Nova is an internal solution that works naturally from within to relieve everyday odors before they are excreted through the skin and breath. Taken 3 times a (Take as many as needed right after meal or) day, Kassia Nova is constantly working day and night.

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FDA Approved

We here at Kassia Nova are committed to your complete satisfaction with our product. As a result Kassia Nova is FDA approved and certified. (New drugs and biologics must be proven safe and effective to Food and Drug Administration's satisfaction before companies can market them.)

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