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Unlike regular breath mints, Kassia Nova is an internal solution that works naturally from within to relieve everyday odors before they are excreted through the skin and breath. Taken 3 times a day, Kassia Nova is constantly working day and night.

It’s pretty simple – what’s in it and what’s not. Kassia Nova is made from base ingredient, Cassia (modified as “Kassia”), which removes bacteria from the mouth, in addition to fighting infections. It strengthens the circulation system and helps soothe upset stomachs and nausea. So that Kassia Nova acts as an internal deodorant and freshens unwanted odors from within the body before they are released.

Taking Kassia Nova can help eliminate bad breath quickly, but those with oral diseases such as cavities, gum disease, plaque or dentures must seek professional dental treatment. If an occasion arises that calls for a quick fix of bad breath, Kassia Nova is the one for the job.

You can take one after each meal. We have to eat, which means it’s inevitable that our breath might smell a certain way after eating or drinking. For instance, within 30 minutes of drinking a cup of coffee, bacteria form on the tongue, creating an odor. Kassia Nova can fix that. Take one or two tablets, and that will take care of the smell and leave your mouth feeling fresh. If you just had a meal with a lot of onion or garlic, take one tablet immediately to offset the potential odor, and give yourself about half an hour. If you feel you could use another tablet to make sure you don’t have bad breath, go ahead; take one more.

Kassia Nova is a must-have item for those who are constantly meeting people for business. Take it right before striking up a conversation.

Yes. You can take one tablet right after smoking, and that will help eliminate the cigarette smell that would otherwise linger. But for the purposes of removing tartar and cleaning your teeth, please consult a dentist or hygienist.

Yes. Kassia Nova is very effective in removing the smell of alcohol. Take three or four tablets after drinking. It will clean out your mouth, and the smell won’t follow you home.

Those with diabetes or other types of stomach complications can take one Kassia Nova tablet every three hours. It can help eliminate odor that might make its way up from the stomach. I feel like my body odor becomes noticeably bad when I’m menstruating.

Yes. Take one every three or four hours. It will help eliminate body odor, and you can be sure that the smell won’t be perceptible to others.

Definitely. Take one tablet every three or four hours. Kassia Nova can help bring grandparents and grandchildren closer with no body odor getting in their way. I take Kassia Nova every time I go on a date. For couples young and old, Kassia Nova is an essential part of preparing for a date.

Kassia Nova is safe for people of all ages, including children, teens, college students and adults. Expectant mothers and those who are fighting cancer may also take Kassia Nova without concern.